Friday, July 3, 2009

IPODS in Education

Dr. Strange wanted us to search the web for suggestions or experiences using ipods in the classrooms. I must say it was quite interesting. Honestly, before I took this class I didn't think much about my ipod (iphone) as more than a way to listen to my music when I am working out or driving down the road. It is amazing the different things you can do with it. Apple has an official website about iPods in education which has a lesson plan page, how-to-guides, audio files and more!
In 2004, Duke University did an experiment where they gave each incoming freshman an ipod to explore how they can enhance academics and student life. Now, Duke offers them through specific classes with professors that plan on using them.
After searching around a little bit, I found one website that I really liked. Check out this website and get some more ideas on technological resources, incorporating iPods in the classroom and tips for teachers and parents to help along the way. I like it because it focuses on the 4th grade and younger and that is the area of teaching I want to be in.

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