Thursday, July 16, 2009

Richard E. Miller Videos

Dr. Miller, from Rutger University provides an in depth view of what writing is headed toward here in the 21st century and in the future. Dr. Miller grew up with books and himself stated that he is a reader/writer. Here in these videos he is sharing his awareness of the technology around us and gives great insight and ideas of how to adapt with the changing technology. We have moved from printed materials to laptops which provides information to us instantly. Along with this instant information all of this allows for quick and easy ways of communicating and collaborating. This is a very beneficial tool we have today and should be taken advantage of.
Dr. Miller has fine ideas and good reason to speak about them. He is acknowledging the changing technological world and has decided to jump aboard. He is clearly a life long learner and hopefully it helps other people make the leap into the vastly changing new generation of learning.

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  1. I was quite impressed with Dr. Miller's ideas and vision!