Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I learned

Let me start off this blog by thanking Dr. Strange for his time, patience, and enthusiasm towards bringing technology into the classroom. Being a person that does not particularly love school, you made it a great experience for me this summer. I have learned so much in this short period of time and enjoyed it every step of the way. These are tools that will be very useful to me which is really cool. I look back at this short semester and honestly it is a blur. I said a couple of comments the other week in class and I meant them. I have only two regrets when it comes to this class. First off, I wish I wouldn't have taken it in the summer. I feel I enjoyed it too much and wish I could have taken my time in this particular class. Summers are an especially crazy time for me with work as well as other things I have going on. I would suggest to anyone to take this in a full semester term to get the full feel of it. Secondly, I almost wish I would have waited until closer to my graduation date. This will be useful to me while I am working on my degree however technology is changing so rapidly that taking it your last semester puts it fresh in your mind as you get out and hopefully begin your carrer. I am thinking I'll see you again Dr. Strange! I may just have to come back and audit this class.
I am no where near technologically literate, however I have a foundation to build on along with a positive attitude! Before this class I did not know much about blogging, RSS feeds, networking, google docs, podcasting/videocasting, iTunes U, wiki, twitter, (there's more...). I most certainly didn't have an understanding of the benefits of all of it which I do now.
I will wrap this up by again thanking Dr. Strange and I hope you know how inspiring you are! I would also like to thank Mr. Lamshed, Mr. McClung, and Mr. Chamberlain for sharing their work. Let me promote teachers, students, or anybody to check out http://attheteachersdesk.com to see first hand what some amazing teachers are doing with thier students as well as some inspiring thoughts and ideas.

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