Monday, June 15, 2009

"Being Inspired- Part 1" by Mr. Jarrod Lamshed

It is a fabulous thing that is going on here. Hats off to Mr. Lamshed for his drive to keep learning and experimenting with new things. He is a teacher over in Australia dedicated to expending his and his class's learning capabilities and strategies by collaborating with other teachers and classrooms around the world. The experiences he's had with blogging and collaborating have been an inspiration to him. He acknowledges these fellow teachers in his post and hopefully someone is acknowledging him! How wonderful it is in our world today that we can sit in on a fellow teachers classroom thousands of miles away or even across the world!


  1. Did you watch Sir Ken Robinson's speech? It is less than 20 minutes long. If not, go back and watch it. It is VERY important!

  2. Thanks for your comments! It is so important to KEEP learning and be open to new things as you move through your teaching journey. Good luck with your studies!

    Jarrod Lamshed