Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Fischbowl

Whoa! This was very intriguing. You know, since middle school I have had computer access and learning about it still as I go. I would say it has been a gradual thing for me (I still know squat about this stuff), but to have these fun facts right in front of my face was quite interesting. I believe that the message here is right. School systems and teachers need to keep advancing in world technologies to pass on to the students of today. It is clear where technology is headed and we as teachers and parents need to give them the tools to excel in the 21st century. I wish that I was better equipped for this but I believe I can learn, and am eager to as well. I also wish as a whole our country was even a little more up to speed.
My daughter is a week and a half away from being 4 years old and I do not think it is too early for her to explore on a computer. There is a fine line of exploring and learning about technology at a young age and still being an active child. I don't like how a lot of kids sit in front of computer and play video games all day. There is a beautiful world outside to be explored as well. But when it comes to learning and building a base for the knowledge of technology that will be crucial in her education I am all for it. To tell you the truth I am thinking about getting her her own laptop for Christmas, filled with learning programs (maybe a game or two).

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