Friday, June 19, 2009

Dr. Strange's Spring Class Podcasts

For our next blog Dr. Strange wanted us to check out a couple of the podcasts done by his spring edm 310 class and sort of critique them and point out what we will do to make ours better. I will be honest, I am new to this so I am not really sure what I can do yet to make it better. I listened to two of his students podcasts from last semester and thought they were very good (especially most likely it was their first time).
The first one I listened to was Pick of the Day: Source Materials for High School Teachers on the World Wide Web by Anne Gardner and Kimberly Hinojosa. No particular reason to choosing this one, it was completely random. I thought for the most part it was a job very well done. I am no podcast critic that is for sure however I will say that one of the ladies was a little easier to follow than the other for whatever reason. That made me more aware of how knowledgeable about my subject of podcast I need to be and to go over it and over it before it is published (and maybe work on my radio voice...jk).
The second podcast I listened to was Facebook: It's in Class! But Can It Be Useful in Class? Basically I chose this one because I am a crazy facebook user. Just like the first one I listened to I thought they did a fine job! It sounded like they had fun with it which I think is good, it is kind of a fun topic.
It is hard to say what "improvements" I will make. I will just say that I need to be prepared, speak clearly, be interested in what I am podcasting about and have fun!

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