Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mr. C's Biome Project

How awesome would that be to have a teacher (facilitator, sorry) to have such an open way of communicating with his class and allow his children to play an active role in their own education? Pretty darn awesome if you ask me. I love it. Mr. Chamberlain's post "Students Making Decisions for the Biome Project" reflects on his experience with his students when giving them a choice on note taking strategies and projects. Not all children/adolescence/adults learn the same way so what at fantastic way to give children more incentive to learn. Not only will this give them a grasp on how they learn the best way for themselves, but I bet it was fun also!
Mr. C has really taken on the world of technology in his classroom and is not looking back. More people need to jump on the train! Check out his class blog.


  1. I like giving my students opportunities to choose how they learn. It does take extra planning time and some extra knowledge to do it, but I think it is worthwhile. BTW you can call me a teacher. That really isn't a bad word ;>

    Mr. C

  2. And the children were REFLECTING on what they had learned. Also very inportant. Keep up with Mr. C and you will be a better teacher!