Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This was the first time I have ever listened to a podcast. Honestly, at first my reaction was this was just people audio recording themselves and posting them for other people to hear. I guess in simple terms that could be one way to describe it but once I took the time to explore and listen to different podcasts, I became increasingly aware of how beneficial and useful these can be.
I used two podcasts from Dr. Strange's list and four that I picked out myself. I first listened to SmartBoard lessons which was pretty cool considering just an hour prior to that I was having a conversation with a good friend from back in Wisconsin (who is a special ed teacher) and after telling her about this class asked me if I have ever heard of smartBoard. I said no because I really hadn't however now I have an idea of what it is about. I then listened to KidCast and listened around a bit and got a better understanding about what podcasting is really about. I liked that he differentiated between podcasts and radio because I was getting the feeling like it was a talk radio type thing. I like how he compared it to TVO because I am a big TVO fan and understand that comparison!
The others that I listened to are the Autism Podcast, The Art of Storytelling with Children, Middle School Matters, and U-TURN Podcast. I chose these because they were of interest to me and I love for instance how parents, teachers, and people in general can share their experiences with autism for everyone to hear. Things like this help us become better understanding of situations in our life and also help others in a similar situation. I have no close ties with autism but think that it is amazing how people gain inspiration and knowledge from sharing and speaking out about it.
We will explore podcasting in Dr. Strange's class and it should be a fun and educational experience. I get more amazed everyday about the limitless sources out there to expand our knowledge of learning and technology.

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  1. Well done. Thoughtful and thorough. I am glad that you have developed an interest in podcasts, especially since you will be doing one in Week 5!